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Simon Kotyk
Men's Coach

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is my purpose in this life?

These are the biggest questions in a man’s life. Let me briefly share with you my story and what led me to this path in life.


I was brought into this world by a single mother with no father in the household. This had huge impact on me during my formative years, I felt the lack a strong male presence for much of my life.


This lack of a male presence created a split within my own mind. As a child I always had a rich dream life full of vivid imagery and visions-I could never quite muster the courage to take the first step toward my destiny


This lead me to into trying to figure out masculinity through sports and later work. I thought if I could acquire enough things, I would become happy. Year after year of slogging it out doing hard jobs I experienced burnout and loss of belief in my previous life mission.

I facilitate a men’s group in Vancouver BC, every Monday night.  This group is part of a larger men’s community known as the Samurai brotherhood.   The purpose of these meetings is to grow into our potential as men, explore issues around masculinity and connect with other men.  After four years of working with men, my mission and passion is to spread this work into the lives of men through one to one coaching


With fifteen years of experience in the Trades, I bring a male-centered approach to my male clients.  I bring no nonsense- no bullshit approach to personal coaching. I help my clients move through obstacles, be it mental, physical and spiritual.


With 5 years of Personal growth and men’s work, my unique client centered approach can help any man move through obstacles to achieve more fulfillment and success in their lives.

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