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What people are saying

"Simon is a  great coach for men! He understands me completely because he has his own father wound. I have my father wound. He understands how destructive a father wound can be on a man,  I'm 45 and it still exists in me. He has been helping me heal it. Not only that, we also are exploring on issues on deepening my own masculinity and the complex issues involving dating, women and many other issues. I highly recommend him."


- Michael C

"Simon is a man who is deeply committed to truth. Since I’ve met him he has become one of the most influential and impactful men in my life. His depth, groundedness and honesty have been vital tools in my personal growth and development.  If you are a man who really wants to put in the work to better yourself, I am beyond confident that hiring Simon as a coach can aid you in getting further and going deeper than you previously thought possible."


- Brendan S


"I’ve known Simon as a leader in the Samurai Brotherhood community for three years. Simon’s presence and depth stand out immediately, and it’s clear he’s a man who is allergic to bullshit. But it’s Simon’s massive heart and generous nature that really sets him apart. He’s a man who both cares deeply and has the solidity to call people to their highest. Any man willing to take a sustained look at their patterns and make lasting, positive change will find an ideal coach in Simon."


- Steve Parr



We all struggle from time to time, we all come up against obstacles in life.  With years of experience in Men's Work I help my clients move through obstacles to help them achieve a greater degree of freedom and authenticity.

I work with my clients to develop a sense of equanimity within their lives. There is a truism that has slowly been catching on, alone you can go deep, but together we can go far. During our one-on-one sessions, we will uncover areas that are blocking you from the success you may not even think you deserve.


My brand of coaching promotes radical self-honesty, self-acceptance, self-development, inner-work, as well as external accountability systems and action-plans.


It may not be for everyone, I am looking for clients who really want to do the work to transform their inner and outer lives. Another saying that resonates with many clients is that “inner peace is the new success.”


We will work together to help you achieve a new perspective on your goals.

How to reclaim your power and craft a compelling story


Who this is for

And who this is not for

We all started off as children with very little control over what information was given to us – and so, we had very little conscious control over our destiny. As we grew, many people did not learn or have never been initiated into adulthood. 

In our sessions, we use different discourses, from Jungian psychology to myths and archetypes, to rediscover what these initiation processes were like. This work is for people who are serious about bringing their unconscious patterns into conscious view so that they can improve their lives, find inner contentment, and become better directors of their own journey.

If you want to improve your relationship with masculinity, with yourself, and others, then this training is for you.


I empower people to make sense of their lives so that they can transform latent potential into a reality.

  • Leader of the North Shore Division of Samurai Brotherhood

  • Captain of Lion Squad

  • Captain of Ronin Squad 4

Who am I

Former oil rigger turned transformational coach



How I work:

I offer a free 30-minute discovery session to determine which package is right for you.

For more information on coaching packages or any other inquires please fill out the form to the side.

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